The current healthcare system is not optimally designed to achieve the best outcomes for patients. The system largely focuses on paying for volume – the number of medical services delivered – rather than the value of these services. Physicians and hospitals are not financially rewarded for delivering high quality care, and they receive little incentive to coordinate with other specialists and hospitals to improve patients’ care experience and outcomes.

Healthcare purchasers have the influence to change how healthcare is delivered, but many of them don’t know how to use it. While some purchasers in the public and private sectors have recognized the potential of value-based payment models to reduce costs and improve patient care, and have even successfully transitioned to these payment models, the pace of implementation has been slow.

PVN was created to educate key purchaser sectors – private employers, states and federal purchasers – on value-based purchasing and to leverage the lessons learned from successful models to accelerate the pace of value-based payment adoption.